About Me

Let Me Take You on a Journey!


Hi! I’m Christine Wood, Director of SpaSome.

I started this business in order to share my joy of making spa products with those who love to create!

I have given over 400 spa parties and am now ready to bring new SpaSome JoyMakers on board. (You’ll receive a kit to give your first few parties, along with coaching to get your business off the ground without the overwhelm that I had when I was learning how to do everything required to start and manage it.)

This is not something I could have created by myself. I’m thankful to my mentors who cut my learning curve by more than half. I’m grateful to my family and friends who heard out my ideas. I’m thankful to my first customer way back in 2012 who trusted me to give the best birthday party her daughter had ever had! Thank you!

When I’m not working on SpaSome, you can find me walking along my nature trail with my big puppy, doing yoga, drinking coffee on my deck, reading and learning, as well as kayaking in my backyard.

My biggest goals for 2019 is to go on my first Mexican vacation with my new hubby, and to have  15 SpaSome JoyMakers creating the life of their dreams by earning an awesome living by spreading joy!

For right now, I’m looking forward to my next spa party! I can’t wait!

If you’d like to become a SpaSome JoyMaker or learn more about what it’s like, give me a shout. I’m happy to go over all of your questions or get you started with the application process. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I’m so honoured to have you.


Christine Wood

Our Services

Children's Spa Party

Like being told that this was the best birthday party she's ever had? You'll hear that from all her friends too!

Splruge Group Spa Party

It's your time to go down as the best splurge event planner since you started meeting!


It's not actually throwing a party if you're not throwing rose petals. 

Corporate Wellness Lunch and Learns

Laughter, playfulness, and great smells are things that no workplace should have to put up with. 

Retreat Add-on

We'll fill any time slot so you can do all the other things you need to do. Or just go nap. You're welcome!

Girl Guides / Not-for-Profit

Your guests will learn something badge-worthy and get to take their creations home.